Talking to a broker should not necessarily result in a sale, and brokerage is just one of the services we offer. Your ideal outcome is to get the best expert advice possible, so you can make better decisions. Most of my clients approach me to understand what is the actual level of offers and the floor prices of specific categories of assets. This is extremely valuable because, once you know at what prices you can safely sell – and provided you do your own research and buy under the floor price level – you can be confident of making a profit before actually buying. This is why we offer direct consulting services for:

  • Floor Price Analysis. Are you looking to invest in a specific category of domains and you are not really sure how much are they worth? Take the first step to educate yourself about market prices and save yourself thousands in potentially making a wrong buying decisions.
  • Domain Appraisals. Have you ever wondered how much your domains are really worth? Whether you own 3, 300 or 30,0000 domains, we only focus on the wide 29,872 .com domains that are called liquid, and, besides constantly analyzing data, we talk to investors, brokers and industry experts every single day, and are able to provide you specific comparables and real examples of what has been bought and sold. Request your appraisal.
  • Acquisition & Sales Intelligence. Working with a broker you can trust is great, but, sometimes, you only need someone to gently guide you through the acquisition (or sale) process to make sure you are doing the right thing. And, best of all, you do not need to pay any broker a commission percentage based on the final sale price. We have been through numerous stealth acquisitions and successful sales, and we can walk you through, each step of the way, your specific situation.
  • Portfolio Analysis. Over the years you have been slowly but surely accumulating a portfolio that has become larger and larger, and now you do not know which are you are your most valuable domains, which ones to drop, and what actually has value but you do not know what is the best way to sell them. We have performed portfolio analysis from portfolio as small as 100 domains and as big as 20,000. Let us help you – we can make your portfolio start to work for you.
  • Standard Consulting. During consulting hours, my clients have asked me questions ranging from “what would you do if you wanted to invest $10,000 right now” to “what is the best way to respond to an inquiry from China” or “what is the email tool you could not live without”. People that have sought my advice range from billion dollar (literally) companies to individuals wanting to learn the basics of domain investing. Find out here which consulting packages are available.

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