You are in the right place. We focus on the 614,928 short and numeric .com domains defined as "liquid". With our superior market analysis and a proven sale process based on ethics and transparency, we look forward to helping you. Contact us now or download our liquid domains quarterly report.


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GGRG won the prestigious “Master of Domains” award as one of the top 3 grossing brokers in the world.


From Lisbon to Dubai, to Hong Kong. Our team speaks 8 languages and has experience closing deals all over the world.

What are our clients saying?

  • Giuseppe works harder and smarter than any domain broker in the industry. He's also very well connected, respected, and has the experience to be doing some of the largest domain transactions worldwide. The question you have to ask yourself is, is it worth the commission to hire a domain broker? With his skills, connections and reputation in the industry, there's no question in my mind that Giuseppe will increase the sales price of your domain significantly higher than any commission he will charge.
  • I recently completed a 3 letter .com transaction with Giuseppe of GGRG. Giuseppe is a pleasure to work with. He is highly professional throughout the process, communicates clearly, and everything went smoothly.
  • I think Giuseppe Graziano has the most comprehensive (and interesting) domain broker newsletter.
  • Giuseppe talked about Domain Valuation at the European Domainers Conference in Valencia and a few months later he sold already some of my domains to China. Giuseppe assisted me from beginning to end of the transaction. He did a real great job! I only can recommend Giuseppe when making deals in the domain industry.
  • Giuseppe helped me out with a 1 hour domain consulting session over Skype. I apply much of the advice he told me in my business on a daily basis, so I cannot thank Giuseppe enough! He answered every one of my questions with great depth, and it was clear to me that he knows this industry like the back of his hand.
  • It is my absolute pleasure to confirm the very high personal and professional regard in which I hold Giuseppe Graziano. He is highly talented, efficient and effective, operating with my complete trust and confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone lucky enough to secure his services.