There are many domain brokers out there, so why choose GGRG?

I, like most people, thought I could do what domain brokers do… simply execute some searches for my domain brand and email the potential buyers.  And perhaps I could do what normal domain brokers do.  Giuseppe, however, works harder and smarter than any domain broker in the industry. He’s also very well connected, respected, and has the experience to be doing some of the largest domain transactions worldwide. He keeps in contact with most of the largest international companies, especially those in China, Europe and the U.S., and can find those buyers out there that will are willing to pay the highest value for your domain.
The question you have to ask yourself is, is it worth the commission to hire a domain broker?  With his skills, connections and reputation in the industry, there’s no question in my mind that Giuseppe will increase the sales price of your domain significantly higher than any commission he will charge.
Patrick Riley, CEO at

Don’t work with any broker – hire the Expert. We are the foremost experts on short .com domains. Here is why:


You might wonder what the words “Liquid Domain“, “Chips” and “Floor Price” have in common. They all appeared first on our newsletters and blog posts before becoming commonly used. When we started GGRG, we were shocked at the status of the industry. Many brokers do not specialize in any category and are largely uninformed with the current market prices. This results at best in wasting client’s time and, at worst, in selling your domain for a price lower than its potential. Since the founding of GGRG, we worked hard to create awareness about the correct market pricing by creating the Liquid Market Report (in collaboration with, Intelium, and ShortNames), the first in the industry to report on the current floor prices, development index and other key indicators that allow you to keep the pulse of the market.


Our market knowledge allows us to develop a 5-step process that yields a 91% success rate and allowed us to sell $10M+ in liquid domains. But don’t take our word for it. awarded us with the prestigious “Master of Domains” award for being one of the top 3 highest-grossing brokers in the world.


There are many dangers to be aware of when working with a domain broker:

  • Because there is no fiduciary responsibility, some brokers push to close a deal as soon as possible as they only get paid on a commission basis. This often translates into pushing sellers to accept an offer too early. With our sales process instead, we make sure you accept the offer only after knowing exactly what is the highest possible bid.
  • We do not work under dual agency, meaning you will always know that we are representing your best interest. Have you noticed how some brokers try buying your domain by making you an offer? Or they might even not tell you who the buyer is, because they are actually buying the domain for themselves! We believe you should know if your broker is working in your best interest or not. We always disclose who we are negotiating with and, whenever possible, we will let you know the exact words used by the buyers.
  • Unlike larger companies, we do not have sales quotas, which allows us to work with you on a long-term perspective. This does not mean that we are not proactive about selling, and you can often expect to receive the first offer within the first 30 days. Some deals took us a few weeks, others took us 3 years! Whatever it takes, our priority is to help our clients maximize the value of their domain.


So you decided to sell your domain. What is next? We developed a 5-step brokerage process that ensures we maximize the sale price. Here is how it works:

1. APPRAISAL (1 week)

When you reach out to us, if the domain is a fit, we will send you a free appraisal (1). The appraisal contains a) recent comparable sales of similar assets b) our domain appraisal guidelines and c) our recommended reserve and initial price. If the strategy proposed works for you (2), you have to sign a simple exclusive agreement (3), and we are all set. If you own a 2 number, 3 number or 2 domain, go ahead and request a complimentary appraisal:

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2. ON-BOARDING (1 week)

Before contacting buyers, we want to make sure it is easy for them to find us. We created a quick domain on-boarding process in which you will (1) point your domain to a customized sale page, (2) fill a quick on-boarding form and (3) work with us to understand which are the most noteworthy leads.

3. OUTREACH (1-2 weeks)

The goal of this phase is to get your domain in front of the largest number of qualified buyers. We monitor the market closely and we have one of the largest databases of active buyers for liquid domain names. We will notify about your domain (1) the buyers in our database who are the best fits for your domain. Only if you choose to, we will also notify (2) the subscribers of our newsletter and (3) the companies who might have a vested interest in your domain.

4. SALES PROCESS (4-20 weeks)

This is our secret sauce. We developed an algorithmic process to sell your domain based on supply & demand. Every week we will send you a customized report containing 1) the activity of the past week 2) the offers and/or feedback received from the market 3) our customized recommendations. Once you decide on the best course of action, we will execute on your guideline and report on the progress.

5. AGREEMENT & ESCROW (1 week)

Once you reach an agreement on the price (1), it is time to finalize the sale. To make sure you are protected, we will set up a transaction on for you (2) and guide you step by step through the transfer phase. The fee is normally charged to the buyer, however, we encourage you to upgrade to the concierge service for your valuable domain. (3) Once the transfer is complete, you will receive the money in your bank account. Time to celebrate!


If your listings qualifies, you will not be charged any listing fee to work with us. We only charge a success fee. We offer a simple fee structure:

  • 10% of the final sale price for investor only outreach.
  • 20% of the final sale price for end-user outreach.
  • Our minimum brokerage fee is $2,000.

Our fees are more competitive than other brokers because we have low overhead costs and we believe that short, liquid domains is a more efficient market than regular domains and therefore deserve a lower commission.

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We work with acquisitions on a case-by-case scenario. Contact us for more details. Our acquisition fee is:

  • 10% of the final purchase price. Our minimum acquisition fee is $1,000. 


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