If you are interested in buying or selling a liquid domain name, please note that we work exclusively with the following domain categories:

  • 2 letter .com
  • 3 letter .com
  • 4 letter .com portfolios 
  • 2 number .com
  • 3 number .com
  • 4 number .com
  • 5 number .com portfolios
  • Letter/Number .com & Number/Letter .com


If your domain(s) is in the list above, please contact us. We typically respond within 48 business hours.

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We have a simple principle: our clients come above everything else. This translates into brokering your domains as if they were our own. We put a cap to the number of clients we work with because that allows us to give you our undivided attention. That means that we say no a lot – which we believe is the main reason for our success.

The first thing we will discuss is how buying or selling a domain fits your long-term financial goals. Sometimes, selling your domain in a rising market might not be a good idea, especially if you are not concerned about cash flow and are actually able to sell the domain for a higher price 6 to 12 months later. The same goes with purchasing a domain. If you are looking to buying domains as an investment, it is our duty to advise you on the current status of the market and what is the range of available investment opportunities.


Once we make sure that selling is the most appropriate choice for you, we will then appraise the potential of your domain. You can sit back and relax – we will research and present you all the comparables and decide together the initial listing price. We will then strategize the time frame of our sale process, based on: a) the ideal horizon to maximize the sale price and b) your deadline for the divestment.

Some brokers push to close a deal as soon as possible because they only get paid on a commission basis. This often translates into rushing to close the deal when it is too early. You will never get that from us because we believe that creating a long-term relationship based on trust is the best way to serve our clients. Unlike large companies, we do not have sales quota to respond to, and this in turn allows us to work with you on a long-term perspective – taking the time to decide together, step by step, what is the best course of action. This does not mean that we are not proactive about selling, and you can often expect to receive the first offer within the first two weeks of brokerage.

There are 3 ways to sell a domain, ranked according to the maximum sale price you can typically expect:

  1. End User Inbound.
  2. End User Outbound.
  3. Investor Outbound.

While we cannot help you obtaining an end user inbound inquiry (1), we will work to identify, then contact, potential end users (2). This is because you can typically expect to sell your domain to an end user for a price significantly higher than an investor. We typically obtain feedback within the first 30 days about the level of interest from end users. Once we get a clear “I’m not interested” reply from the major end users, we then proceed to contact the domain investors (3) who are willing to pay an above market price for your specific type of asset. All these steps require a long research and outbound process, and this is why we request at least 90 days of exclusivity to work on your domain. Throughout the process, we will also list your domain on our newsletter that gets delivered to hundreds of active, opted-in investors, and it is considered one of the best and most comprehensive in the industry.


Have you noticed how some brokers attempt to purchase your domain for themselves by making you an offer first? Or they might even not tell you who the buyer is, when they are actually buying the domain for themselves. We believe this approach is unethical because you will never know if the broker is working in your best interest or to resell your domain at a higher price later on. You can trust us because we do not actively acquire any liquid domain and specialize in brokerage – not investing.



We will never work under a dual agency brokerage agreement, meaning that you will never be in doubt if we are representing your best interest. We will always disclose who we are negotiating with and we will let you know (whenever possible) the exact wording used by clients to reply to the email. The more you know, the better decisions you can make. We commit to provide you a weekly outreach update.


You will not be charged any listing fee for your asset. We charge a commission only after a successful sale. We offer a simple fee structure:

  • 10% of the final sale price. Our minimum brokerage fee is $1,000.

Our fees are more competitive than other brokers because we do not have overhead and we believe that short, liquid domains are a market largely more efficient than premium keyword domain names and deserve a lower commission level.



We work with clients doing acquisitions on a case-by-case scenario. Our acquisition fee is:

  • 10% of the final purchase price. Our minimum acquisition fee is $1,000. 


We use in every transaction to make sure both buyer and seller are protected. Typically the fee is charged to the buyer. We highly encourage the use of the premium escrow service for your most valuable properties.