Author: Giuseppe Graziano

  • Industry Interviews – Ron Jackson (DNJournal)

    The first time I met Ron Jackson was in an unusual setting. He was sitting on an improvised barber chair in the middle of a conference room at the Domaining Europe conference in Valencia, surrounded by an ecstatic group of people, while his hair was being shaved for charity. What struck me about Ron in […]

  • LXME Sunset Cruise – The Movie

    How is your summer going? Hope you are having a great time! Here in Portugal, Namescon, the domain industry event launched by Richard Lau, which recently merged with Domaining Europe (the event founded by Dietmar Stefitz), closed its European chapter in Cascais, right near Lisbon. It was a joy to have the largest industry players […]

  • Domains VS Bitcoins

    I was working on an article that explains the differences (and similarities) between domain names versus bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. At one point, the article reached 2,000 words, and I decided that probably you do not need such a lengthy article to get the main points: 1. LIQUIDITY  BITCOINS: highly liquid. DOMAINS: ranging from fairly liquid (for […]

  • From the Roman Empire to China – A Brief History of Domain Names

    The Roman Empire Imagine you are a citizen of the ancient Roman Empire. You live in a small farm outside of Rome. Animals and vegetables in your farm provide for food and you store the surplus. Occasionally, you need to buy clothes or utensils, so you go to the local market. Despite the fact that, […]

  • Hong Kong and the next 5 years in domaining

    The market in China is still soft. After Domain Fest in Hong Kong and a quick trip to nearby China to meet investors, it seems like everyone is watching the market from the sidelines. Ron Jackson from DnJournal reported one of the lowest week for sales this year; even the domain sold for only […]

  • The Big Short – How To Prepare For A Falling Market

    This post is a litle special, as it is a little over one year since launched (1st of May 2015). And boy, a lot of things have changed under the sun since we launched. But our first anniversary should not be your priority, because, if you are reading my blog, chances are you have invested in […]

  • I went to China and found out that…

    For a lucky coincidence, on the 8/8 of last year, I receive an email from one of my old university friends inviting me to join the 10 year anniversary of my master program in Shanghai. The last time I have been in China was in 2010, and, as it might have happened to you, work […]

  • The Ninja Guide to Buying a Domain When It’s Already Taken.

    Have you ever had that sinking feeling? The feeling of attempting to register on GoDaddy only to find that: “Sorry, is already taken”.   Or, maybe, you are one of the lucky few that was able to buy the domain you really needed even if it was already taken. If so, you know […]

  • How is Chinese New Year affecting you?

    If you (like me) are working full time on domain names, you might have been enjoying an unusual period of calm and relaxation after a very hectic 2015. The aftermarket is somewhat slower, your QQ does not beep as often and your inbox is finally breathing. But why is that? If you haven’t noticed, we are […]

  • 8 insights from Vegas

    How is everything? Hope this first part of 2016 has been treating you well! On my end, I finally managed to get back to my beloved Lisbon after an odissey trip back from Vegas for Namescon, the largest industry event organized by Richard Lau & Jothan Frakes. While it is true that “What happens in […]