1. We prefer long-term vision to opportunistic thinking.
  2. We limit the number of clients and projects, so we can offer exceptional service. Quality > Quantity.
  3. We work only when we can add value. If we cannot add value, we refer to someone else.
  4. We prefer a mindful, deliberate, thoughtful¬†approach to mindless “hustle”.
  5. We work on weekends, but only when necessary.
  6. We value commitment. It is ok to re-negotiate when priorities shift, but we always strive to keep our word and bring our projects to completion.
  7. Emails and phone calls are great. Meeting in person is even better.
  8. While we love good stories, we prefer data. Data is plural for “story”.
  9. We do not tolerate disrespectful or unethical relationships for the sole purpose of more money.
  10. We are rooted in our community. We donate 1% of our revenue to charities who care for our community.

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