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  • Industry Interviews: Braden Pollock (Legal Brand Marketing)

    Industry Interviews: Braden Pollock (Legal Brand Marketing)

    I don’t remember exactly when I met Braden. But I do have few flashbacks. Braden throwing swag from the stage like a rockstar to the raptured crowd of Namescon in Mumbai, India. Braden and his partner Lisa lecturing me about the virtues (and secret benefits) of being vegan – in front of a gigantic paella…

  • Industry Interviews: David Castello (CCIN)

    Industry Interviews: David Castello (CCIN)

    “Evil is selfishness to the point of destruction” says the intro to The Diary of an Immortal (1945-1959), a historical-fiction novel written by David J Castello, the COO and Editor-in-Chief of the Castello Cities Internet Network, and co-founder with his brother Michael of, one of the best domain portfolios in the industry. The book is an epic tale…

  • Industry Interviews: Michael Castello (Castello Cities Internet Network)

    Industry Interviews: Michael Castello (Castello Cities Internet Network)

    I recently said in this interview that what I came to love most about the domain industry is the people. Unlike other industries, domain investing attracts people from all walks of life, like Fred Mercaldo, who had a previous career as an art trader, or Ron Jackson, who was an accomplished DJ and TV anchorman.

  • Industry Interviews – Fred Mercaldo (Geocentric Media)

    Industry Interviews – Fred Mercaldo (Geocentric Media)

    My favorite part of the domain conferences are the dinners. You get to sit down with some of the smartest people in the industry, enjoying great food, drinking wine, and trading life stories while picking up gems about how domains – and sometimes life – work. At one of those dinners, organised by the super…

  • Industry Interviews – Nat Cohen (Telepathy)

    Industry Interviews – Nat Cohen (Telepathy)

    For anyone who has been in the domain industry for a while, Nat Cohen needs no introduction. When we compiled the data for our first Liquid Market Report in 2016, I was surprised to learn that Nat, through his company Telepathy, is one of the largest holders of liquid domains in the world, with over 1,000 3L .com (the…

  • Industry Interviews – Michael Cyger (DNAcademy)

    Industry Interviews – Michael Cyger (DNAcademy)

    What happens when a nuclear engineer with entrepreneurial spirit who worked in the best of corporate America, from CitiGroup to General Electric, becomes passionate about domain names? The answer is Michael Cyger. Mike took the domain industry by storm a decade ago after successfully selling his previous business, iSixSigma. In that time, Mike won the…

  • Industry Interviews – Morgan Linton (Bold Metrics)

    Industry Interviews – Morgan   Linton (Bold Metrics)

    Morgan Linton is the first face I saw in the domain industry, when watching his 5 part video series called Domaining Power Course (published by a young Morgan 11 years ago!). Yet, I only met Morgan in person last year in Lisbon in occasion of NamesCon Europe. We hit it off right away, and it…

  • Industry Interviews – Yoni Belousov (

    Industry Interviews – Yoni Belousov (

    I met Yoni for the first time on a soccer field in Las Vegas during a friendly match organized by Andy Booth in the occasion of Namescon. The opposing teams had a few well known names in the industry like Shane Cultra, James Morfopoulous, Theo from DomainGang and many others. While the match was quite…

  • Industry Interviews – Ron Jackson (DNJournal)

    Industry Interviews – Ron Jackson (DNJournal)

    The first time I met Ron Jackson was in an unusual setting. He was sitting on an improvised barber chair in the middle of a conference room at the Domaining Europe conference in Valencia, surrounded by an ecstatic group of people, while his hair was being shaved for charity. What struck me about Ron in…