LXME Sunset Cruise – The Movie

How is your summer going? Hope you are having a great time! Here in Portugal, Namescon, the domain industry event launched by Richard Lau, which recently merged with Domaining Europe (the event founded by Dietmar Stefitz), closed its European chapter in Cascais, right near Lisbon.

It was a joy to have the largest industry players a few miles away from Lisbon. To give the attendees a chance to experience Lisbon, our team hosted on the longest day of the year (6/21) 100 of the most successful domain investors, executives & brokers on the LXME Sunset Cruise:

We took many beautiful pictures, but the best recording of the event is by Jeff Sass, the CMO of .club registry, and book author. You might spot a few familiar faces enjoying the famous Lisbon light over drinks, reflected by the Atlantic, which Jeff beautifully captured. Here is the video:

There is literally no better setting to discuss liquid domains, than on a boat! How about you, do you have liquid domains you would like to buy or sell? If yes, please contact us or, if you own 3 letters .com, try out the LXME platform. It is our recently launched automated brokerage platform. Our customers are finding success buying and selling 3 letters .com domains.

Also, do leave a comment if you want to come aboard the next LXME cruise!

Giuseppe Graziano
Giuseppe is the CEO and founder of GGRG.com, a domain brokerage and consulting firm based in Lisbon, Portugal. With a focus on the 586,848 short .com domain names defined as “liquid”, Giuseppe has helped his clients sell over 10 million dollars in domain names, receiving award nominations for „Blogger of the Year“ and „Industry Goodwill Ambassador“ in 2015 and „Broker of the Year“ in 2016. Escrow.com awarded Giuseppe “Master of Domains”, as one of the top 3 highest grossing domain brokers in the world in 2016. Giuseppe has lived in 5 countries across 3 continents, speaks 5 languages and holds a Master Degree in International Management from the Fudan University in Shanghai, China.

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